Randy Castillo

Drummer Randy Castillo was a longtime member of the Ozzy Osbourne Band (serving longer than any other drummer in the group's history: ten years), and during the late ‘90s, replaced Tommy Lee in Mötley Crüe. Born on December 18, 1950 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Castillo began playing drums after landing a spot with his high school marching band. After a short stint playing trumpet in a band with his father, Castillo moved back to drums for good, taking jobs as a percussionist in R&B bands, and soon after, rock-based outfits. By the early ‘80s, he had relocated to Los Angeles in hopes of landing a gig with an established rock band. His first gig was as a touring drummer for the new wave outfit the Motels, but by 1984, Castillo was drumming for ex-Runaway Lita Ford. The union didn't last for long (Castillo appeared on a lone album, 1984's Dancin' on the Edge), before a salary disagreement led to the drummer's exit. But it was during his association with Ford that Castillo befriended the members of Mötley Crüe, whose drummer, Tommy Lee, soon recommended Castillo to his friend, Ozzy Osbourne, to fill a vacant drumming position in his band. Although the two met and hit it off, Castillo was nursing a broken leg at the time (due to a skiing accident), which resulted in Osbourne continuing his search. But when Castillo was back to full health a few months later, Osbourne inquired once more, and this time, Castillo was immediately welcomed on board.