The Clinger Sisters

The Clingers, or the Clinger Sisters as they more often called themselves, have been in music for close to four decades. In that time, they've done every kind of music, from King Sisters and McGuire Sister-type pop to country, with forays into garage punk and mainstream rock, before settling into Christian music -- all of that with breaks to marry and raise families. Peggy, Patsy, Debra, and Leesa Clinger were the daughters of parents with strong musical backgrounds of their own, and each started singing almost as soon as she could walk. They started singing together in grade school and managed to get an appearance with Andy Williams on television, which led to their working with Danny Kaye as regulars on his network television show for three seasons. They also worked with him on one album, Danny Kaye and the Clinger Sisters (presented by "Your Rambler Dealer"). They were very busy during the middle and later part of the '60s, appearing on the Smothers Brothers Show, the Glen Campbell Good Time Hour, and a pair of Bob Hope specials, as well as numerous other television shows, and were nearly as ubiquitous on the air as the Osmonds (who also started with Andy Williams) were in their early days. They worked on numerous recordings, providing backing vocals to Mason Williams, among many other artists during the late '60s.