December 05, 2006
Rap, Christmas, Gangsta Rap, Holidays, East Coast Rap

Album Review

What makes Jim Jones' A Dipset Christmas worth consideration is the loose charm found on the first half -- the Christmas half -- of the album. The Dipset capo's quirked-out charisma and quippy style are suitably toned down to a surprisingly humble level, supporting both the light, Christmas party numbers and the bittersweet tales of the struggling holiday seasons past. Best of the latter is "Wish List," a believable track where Jones remembers what empty wallets and disappointed families feel like come the end of December. "Ballin' on Xmas" is fun if only for its riffing on Run-D.M.C.'s "Christmas in Hollis," and "Dipset X-mas Time" is a cheery and bright way for any hardcore baller to start his Christmas morn. "The mood is right/And I'm high is hell" isn't for the family gathering, and neither is the thugging second half of the album, which features some random, non-Christmas leftovers of which only the "We Fly High" remix is desirable. It's been a decade since the hood was sorta blessed with the much more throwaway Christmas on Death Row, so even with the abundant filler, A Dipset Christmas serves a purpose.
David Jeffries, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Dipset X-mas Time
  2. Have a Happy Christmas
  3. Wish List
  4. Ballin' on Xmas
  5. If Everyday Was Xmas
  6. We Get Money
  7. Too High
  8. City Boys
  9. We Fly High [Remix]
  10. Letter to the Game
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