October 03, 2000
Rap, Southern Rap, Gangsta Rap, Hardcore Rap

Album Review

The sixth album from Scarface doesn't stray too far from his usual subjects: pain, murder, mayhem, and vengeance are all well-represented on this sort-of concept album involving a life in turmoil. It's certainly Scarface's most personal album, with the rapper taking more responsibility for his actions and accounting for his words (and actually providing some well-deserved introspection on a few tracks). But this is still a street album, and Scarface still often takes a lazy street stance. Nonetheless, it's a good representation of a gangsta's development into conscientiousness.
Michael Gallucci, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. 11-09-70
  2. The Last of a Dying Breed/Visiting the Shrink (Skit)
  3. Look Me in My Eyes
  4. It Ain't, Pt. 2
  5. They Down with Us
  6. Sorry for What?
  7. O.G. to Me
  8. The Gangsta Sh*t/The Snitch (Skit)
  9. Conspiracy Theory
  10. Watch Ya Step
  11. Get Out
  12. In & Out
  13. And Yo
  14. In My Time
  15. 11-09-2000