February 19, 2008
Super Cool
Rap, West Coast Rap, Pop-Rap

Album Review

For massive fans only, Coolio's Steal Hear features tracks from his 2006 release The Return of the Gangsta and adds some new material and new cover art. The result is a slightly better album than the original with some filler removed and the emphasis shifted to Coolio's sense of humor. Listening to the man be brash on "Boyfriend" -- sending his girl home "all wobbly and her perm napped" -- is much more enjoyable than "They Don't Know," which unrhythmically grumbles about today's up-and-coming rappers and ends up the hip-hop equivalent of "you kids get off my lawn!" Luckily, there are more laughs than gripes, plus a Snoop Dogg appearance to boot, but if you bought the 2006 release you already have the Snoop track, and there's no great reason to update. [Steal Hear was also made available in a clean version with all explicit material removed.]
David Jeffries, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Gangsta Walk
  2. Cruise Off
  3. They Don't Know
  4. It's On
  5. Boyfriend
  6. Do It
  7. Lady & A Gangsta
  8. Make Money
  9. Back It Up Now
  10. Keep on Dancing
  11. Dip It
  12. Motaivation
  13. One More Night
  14. Here We Come
  15. Keep It Gangsta
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