Pepper and Dylan

Orgasm By Exercise?

Posted By: ShowProducer Sean · 3/20/2012 10:08:00 AM

You may have read this article yesterday. It was a study that said 40% of women had achieved orgasm or sexual pleasure from working out at the gym. The majority of that group had achieved this orgasm from doing core exercise, leading to the nickname "CORE-gasm" (now I know why my friend, Denise, is always going on about how amazing yoga is!)

This lead to the discussion, where is the most embarrassing/public/awkward place you've got your jollies by yourself? Some people called in to say they had some happy times with a stationary bike, the vibrations of a diesel truck, and other various public places. Off the air, Pepper told his story to which Lamya gasped in HORROR. So we got a caller on with us to judge who had the worst story, Pepper or Dylan?

Dylan's story consisted of him being 14 in the panty and bra section of Zellers. He was waiting for his mother to do her shopping. he was sitting and looking at the nice ladies in on the packaging of the bras and felt a stirring in his loins. It was at this moment, our 14 year old Dylan felt the need to "try on jeans".. (it's not clear if he also brought a bra in with him or not). And so in that change room, which from now on we will refer to as the "change room of debauchery", Dylan relieved his more carnal urges.

Pepper's story was a little more….uhhh graphic.  A few years ago, he was walking his dog and some weird positioning was happening. And the positioning felt good. So Pepper stopped where he was, alone in a field, and wiggled and worked his way to a natural conclusion. This made Lamya throw up in her mouth a little. The caller said that was a 10 out of 10 on the creepy/disgusting scale.

In other news, if you heard yesterday's ASS, you heard me plugging me hitting the big time by appearing on CBC's The Big Decision. I was very nervous about my fat ass being seen on camera as I was getting over a sympathy pregnancy. After watching the show for 45 min, I was very happy to see that there was only head shots of me…And I was only on for a total of 30 seconds. There's my moment in the national spotlight.


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