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The Intervention of Robbie the Intern

Posted By: ShowProducer Sean · 2/16/2012 10:36:00 AM

Today Robbie returned to the show for the first time in 11 days. If you've been following the saga of Robbie stuck in Mexico, you know that today, we were suppose to punish him in ways that would keep children awake at night. But, there was a change of heart. You may recall a number of weeks ago, we had an intervention with Robbie on the After Show about what was troubling him. That led to the very vacation he JUST took. 

But last night, Pepper, who was the most angry at Robbie for this whole situation had a change in heart. If you've listened to the show or heard in What The Hell Happened To Pepper & Dylan, you know that Pepper has been battling depression for the last couple of years. And he was seeing things in Robbie that reminded him of things he had gone through in the past. So today, we had an intervention of Robbie The Intern.

In a moment that seemed to get serious very quickly, we put Robbie in our on air booth and asked him flat out "what's wrong?" He doesn't seem to have that fire in his belly he once did, the passion and joy in his work seems to be gone and he just doesn't seem very happy. The answers weren't very clear, the moment seemed very tense and in the end, the answers didn't seem to come forward (although, if you were listening, it did sound like he admitted he missed his plane back to Edmonton on purpose).  We talked to Robbie again on the AFTER Show Show. He will be hooked up to a lie detector test on Monday and a punishment is coming… It's just on hold for now.

But we're all glad he's back. We love you Robbie!

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  1. Carrissa Colley posted on 02/17/2012 07:10 PM
    ROB ! i didnt think you were depressed when i met you on the trip to mexico!! I also didnt know you were " Robbie the intern" ! clearly i am blonde! Either way i think your hilarious on the show ( all of you not just robbie ) & as for your "love issue" i was listening and you said you wanted "love at first sight" but love at first sight isnt love at all, your just loving what your seeing. When your ready to love someone you have to be willing to open up your soul to someone, letting them into you spirit, thoughts, fears,future,hopes, dreams.. giving them the ability to actually be able to hurt you & of course hoping they wont.. you gotta be happy with life before you can fully love someone how you want to be loved & how they deserved to be loved.
    You'll find it one day, if you didht find it in mexico ;) !! There's my soul touching speech :p Love the show & it was to nice to meet you buddy! You all make my work day better here in Fort McMurray!! :)
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