Pepper and Dylan

Should Dylan devolve into a frat boy?

Posted By: ShowProducer Sean · 7/31/2012 1:00:00 PM

I was listening to the After Show Show today and Dylan has a plan he's not sure he's going to follow through on. He turns 29 on Sunday and he wants to live his last year of his 20's like he did the first year of his 20's. For those of you that are long time listeners of the show, you know Dylan was a little wilder in his youth. There was the partying, the drinking, the excesses of life and love… 

You know that Dylan treats his body like a temple. He works out 5 days a week doing CrossFit. His diet is so strict, he was measuring his portions out exactly, he hasn't had a drink in over a year, he doesn't smoke or do anything that would be considered unhealthy. He doesn't even watch that much TV anymore. The Dylan I knew from 10 years ago was ...

We're live at Capital Ex setting a WORLD RECORD

Posted By: ShowProducer Sean · 7/24/2012 12:48:00 PM

So we're off. Today at 8AM, Robbie, Dylan & Pepper got into the car of the ferris wheel and started their 30 hour journey. Pepper got out of the car shortly after but Dylan has decided to stick it out with Robbie because he want's a world record too. So Dylan's plan is to stay in the car until he beats the current world record that was JUST SET by a woman in California at the California State Fair. She rode the ferris wheel for  26 hours, 43 min, 46 sec.  

So at 26 hours, 43 minutes and 47 seconds, Dylan will get off and claim the Guinness World Record  for about 3 hours until Robbie gets off and takes the title from him. Now there is the possibility that Robbie might stay on even longer because let's face it, this record has already been broken 3 times this ...

Robbie is going for it.. Watch out Cali girl

Posted By: ShowProducer Sean · 7/23/2012 8:57:00 AM

Tomorrow is the day. Starting at 8AM, Robbie is climbing aboard a ferris wheel to conquer the Guiness World Record. I'm not naming the exact record because Robbie doesn't want it searchable on the internet of what he's planning. Even now as we speak, there is a girl in California going for the same record that Robbie is! She has caught wind of Robbie's attempt and has extended her stay on the wheel for an extra four hours. The gauntlet has been thrown down. 


She may have an advantage in that she's already on and she has a head start, but Robbie's advantage is he's crazy. Seriously, I love Robbie--but he's certifiable and that's his greatest strength, he'll go through hell and back and be completely miserable for as long as it takes. He doesn't care what happens to him.  His other advantage is he lives his life like ...

Is Intern Craig Faking His Accent To Pick Up Chicks?!?!?!?

Posted By: ShowProducer Sean · 6/25/2012 11:06:00 AM


Dylan met Intern Craig's family over the weekend. If you don't know, Craig's family lived in the UK for a number of years and he claims to have picked up a bit of an accent..  As he was talking to Intern Craig's sister, he questioned why she didn't have an accent like her slightly older brother does, and she responded with "yeah this is just the way I talk" and so Dylan asked Craig why HE has an accent to which Craig's mother said "OOOOOH BOY".. And his Mom told Dylan that he puts it on around girls and while on the radio!! It seems Intern Craig thinks he can pull a fast one on the women of Edmonton, seducing them with his slightly Liverpoolian accent… Kinda like how the Beatles did!

When Intern Craig was busted he tried to laugh it off by saying "oh yeah, I practice ...

War of the pictures.. when will Dylan snap?

Posted By: ShowProducer Sean · 6/20/2012 9:27:00 AM


"I have rage issues" Dylan said to our Boss Tammy at a recent breakfast meeting. It's happened once before where he was in grade school and a bully was teasing one of Dylan's friends… It was a slow build but Dylan eventually lost his cool and the bully became terrified of Dylan after that. I'm not suggesting Dylan will get physical with Ansun, our graphics designer… But Dylan has a limit and I personally hope he reaches it soon because the ensuing war will be GLORIOUS!!

In case you missed it, last week, a new picture went up on our Virgin Radio App as well as the website of P&D and it was slightly stretched…. It made the guys look a little "huskier" than usual. Dylan freaked out. He has worked hard with his CrossFit to maintain a certain look, and as Pepper says: You can tease Dylan about ...

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